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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Core tip: bedding, health is closely related to our health. The expert points out, 'we ever made from buckwheat skin pillow core test, found that never wash pillow core, there is a lot of dust, mites and molds. 'So how do we keep the pillow core clean? Sheets and pillowcases once a week to wash the quilt often bask in, has become the most people to develop good habits. However, hidden in the pillowcase pillow core is often ignored by us. When sleeping, sebum and sweat, saliva penetration into the pillow core, time grew, germs will like a seed, deeply rooted in pillow core, become a 'young' disease. 'Pillow core must often wash often bask in. 'Peking union medical college hospital professor allergy branch Wang Lianglu in an interview with reporters said,' we ever made from buckwheat skin pillow core test, found that never wash pillow core, there is a lot of dust, mites and molds. Abroad have reported that a never wash the pillow core, half is dust mites and molds. Therefore, the total not to clean pillow core is likely to be harmful to our health. Generally speaking, the ordinary families at least every 3 months. If someone is allergic to dust mites in the home, before cleaning, it's best to put the pillow core in sunlight exposure. 'Tianjin medicine research institute associate researcher Li Hongzhu tips, different pillow core should use different methods to clean. Chemical fiber pillow core, wrapped a towel to wash again. This kind of pillow price is relatively cheap, but due to chemical fiber permeability is poor, used long easy deformation, agglomerate, lose elasticity, it can affect the health of the spine. Therefore, in addition to regular cleaning, also notice at least change once a year. When cleaning, use a mild detergent, if machine wash, had better pack a big towel, to balance water, prevent deformation. It is important to note that the chemical fiber pillow core to rinse several times, fully rinse out the inside of the washing liquid, until water is clear. After washing to dry or dry as soon as possible, help restore elasticity pillow, soft and fluffy. Feather pillow core: rinse with white vinegar. This kind of pillow is qualitative light, good air permeability, volume, it is not easy to deformation, provide better support for the head. But the only fly in the ointment is that it is not easy to clean. If not when cleaning, it will make pillow core. Feather pillow core shoulds not be machine wash, wash, pillow core first into the cold water for 20 minutes, and then to 30 ℃ warm water, and neutral detergent for 15 minutes, then gently scrub with a soft brush. When rinse in a basin of warm water to add 4 - Five tablespoons of white vinegar, such neutralization feather pillow core of residual alkaline liquid detergent ingredients, in order to reduce the damage to the feather. After wash, don't too dry, with their hands out moisture to dry in the shade, can gently pillow core, restoring the feather fluffy and soft. Buckwheat skin pillow core: clean up debris on a regular basis. Buckwheat husk, tea pillow core, drug pillow pillow core, etc. , generally has health care sedative effect, if washed, not only affect the health care effect, also easy to mildew. But this kind of pillow core with long time, will produce some debris and dust, easy to cause allergy, etc. Every once in a while, therefore, can pour the buckwheat husk, tea and so on, screen out debris, split apart in the sun to dry, pay attention to drug pillow containing aromatic herbs should be in a cool, ventilated place dry. Latex pillow core, not the sun direct sun. This kind of pillow has good elasticity, strong support, and not easy to accumulate dust, etc. , especially people who are allergic to respiratory tract. When cleaning, should use cold water soak with detergent added first, and then with handle gently pressing, reoccupy clear water rinse. Use dry cloth after washing water, placed in the shade dry, not in the sun insolates, so as to avoid material the oxidation.
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