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Waterproof test report - textiles AATCC 127 hydrostatic test - resistant Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-09
Hydrostatic pressure resistant index is one of the important indexes of waterproof and moisture permeable fabric. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the resistance of water encountered by fabric, under the condition of normal atmospheric pressure, fabric they withstand a hydraulic pressure of rising, until the fabric on the back of the leakage water drops, at this point, the measured water pressure value is the hydrostatic pressure. The fabric can withstand the hydrostatic pressure, the greater the water proofing property or leakage resistance, the better. For different fabric material, have different test methods. Test principle: sample are fixed on the standard area of the test area, air compressor will be 0 5 bar of the air in a tank filled with distilled water, water will be a certain amount of pressure on the sample. Two methods can be dynamic or static test. ( 1) Dynamic method: through test under a certain pressure rise rate did not contact with water the out side of the specimen fixed quantity of water pressure for determining sample hydrostatic pressure resistance. ( 2) Static method: through testing must be under hydrostatic pressure, to keep the sample pressure after a certain time of water penetration to determine the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the material. Resistance to hydrostatic tester test method: hydrostatic tester is commonly used in outdoor sportswear waterproof testing, testing waterproof fabric, medical protective clothing, protective material liquid permeability, hemorrhagic test. Test method: adopting the dynamic testing, static testing and test the custom law, used to detect textiles waterproof performance under certain pressure. Sample are fixed on the area of the test area of prescribed standards, through the air compressor will be 0 5 bar of the air in a tank filled with distilled water, water tank connection test head, pass certain pressure to sample. Pressure curve real-time display on the operation screen, with all kinds of test standard, convenience for the user. Fabric water permeability tester test method: water permeability tester is mainly used for detecting fabric waterproof suits, raincoats, tents, waterproof bag, waterproof gloves series products. Water pressure test method: add some pressure, through the pressure gauge is measured by pressure size and measured in the pressure under the action of eligibility. Geomembrane hydrostatic tester resistance test method: geomembrane hydrostatic pressure resistance tester main determination of nonwoven geotextile and the permeability of geosynthetic materials. Test method: step by step to increase hydraulic pressure difference on both sides, and keep a certain time, when a sharp increase in seepage flow show that sample received damage, the hydrostatic pressure value. 6. With the other samples and instructions on paper in jig, and repeat the above steps test experiment.
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