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Waterproof test report - textiles AATCC 22 rain test - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-09
1, the purpose and scope of the standard is applicable to any textile fabrics, regardless of whether or not it has been done waterproof processing performance. This standard can measure the fabric resistant to water wettability, not suitable for textiles treated by waterproof performance, especially the plain woven fabric. Because of this instrument is simple and portable, test program is relatively simple, control particularly suited to this standard factory products. Due to this standard can't determine water infiltrate into the inside of the fabric performance, suggest not to use this standard evaluation rain infiltration properties of waterproof fabric. The test results of this international standard and fiber, yarn and fabric finishing first repellent and wettability, and the structure of the fabric. 2, principle under specified conditions of application, the water spray on a tension specimen, make its surface to form a wetting pattern, its size is associated with the repellent properties of fabric. Evaluation result is contrast with the standard pattern. 3, terminology, and water: in textiles, fibre, yarn or fabric wettability. 4, safety measures (note: these safety measures as information only. As the auxiliary measures of test process, the experiment operating properly and securely is the responsibility of the operator. Producers have to to security detail such as the safety data sheets and other manufacturer's recommended for guidance. All OSHA standards and rules will be reference and abide by it. Should follow the good laboratory operation method, to wear protective glasses in the laboratory. 5 AATCC spray tester, instruments and materials, beaker, deionized water, 6 test samples need 3 pieces of 180 * 180 mm ( 7*7inch) Before the test sample, test it in temperature 21 + / - 1 ℃, relative humidity 65 + / - 2% of the standard cut wet environment at least 4 hours. 7. The sample test program set in a diameter of 152 mm metal ring, face up, make sure the surface is flat knit. Will have a sample of metal ring in the carrying of the tester on the stage, must be noticed when placed sample location, the center of the ring a sample just aimed at the center of the spray pattern in the ring. For some twill, beads or similar stripe structure, put the sample ring at the stage when it should be placed in the direction of flow into the diagonal stripe direction. Put 250 ml, temperature of 27 + / - 1 ℃ deionized water to pour into the tester of the funnel, let its in 25 30 seconds to spray on the sample. Pour in deionized water, not touching the funnel beaker on, if a funnel move will change the sample of the spray pattern, shape, etc. Must be between 25 and spraying time Between 30 seconds, otherwise you have to check the nozzle to view its hole is bigger or is blocked. The sample with one side of the ring, sample face down, towards a hard knock on the other side of the quickly and then rotate 180 ° sample level, with the original percussion knock again quickly once the original grip in, to take away the sample surface wetting not water droplets. Repeat the above steps to test out the remaining two pieces of sample. 8, rating and report when score 50 points or more, can give a in the middle of the series, such as 95 classification. In the assessment of osteoporosis porous fabric, woven fabric or gauze fabric, for example, a crack in the fabric usually don't consider any drops. Indicate the progression of the each piece of sample, not the result of the average its.
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