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by:TONDA     2020-05-13
Couples to tie the knot, in this day of loving, besides excited, moved, most dont missing thing is to choose wedding bed is tasted. Buy principle: practical and green health. From a practical point of view, small to buy 4 piece of bed is tasted suite more convenient washing. By core had better choose natural materials, such as silk is prevalent in recent years, the four seasons are available. Others, such as wool, duvets are good for our healthy sleep. Material selection: cotton is the most commonly used and most appropriate. Now most of the bed is tasted use 40 of combed cotton yarn fabrics, plain and twill relatively smooth soft, suitable for spring and summer. And hair and satin fabric warmth retention property good, using best in autumn and winter. Brand and quality, about one third of one's life time is spent on the bed, so that the quality of bedding directly affect people's physical health and mental state. So be sure to choose the brand manufacturers, quality qualified products. At the same time, the comfort level are to be considered. Size and color: according to size of the marital bed has bought and living habits. Newly married, people will be used to buy a large red bedding, festive red. At ordinary times, you can choose the kind floral or light color fastens, at home there is a sweet feeling. Sheet, bedspread, want to combine the design of bed when the choose and buy. If simmons bed, be about to choose the big size of the western style sheets, pattern with omnidirectional scattering flowers or four successive flowers design as well. If it is both sides have the bed of the head of a bed, and one side empty, one side is placed against the wall, just choose the Chinese style sheets. In addition, a rich and elegant green plush bedspread, can keep out dust, and can create bright and soft art atmosphere. Novel and exquisite luxurious quilted bedspread can then your bedroom is full of gorgeous interest; Give your wedding night with warm and enjoy of beauty. Bedding married with mostly silk bedding face, mainly have three categories of jacquard, printing, embroidery. Jacquard bed blanket with colourful, feel soft and moist, and has very good heat preservation, moisture absorption and permeability. Distinct printed quilt cover thick and smooth handle, decorative pattern, rich stereo feeling. Suzhou embroidery quilt cover and xiang embroidery quilt cover, delicate and elegant, rich and colorful, full of strong national characteristics. With the pillow, the pillow in the past 3 tire is rice husk, buckwheat skin more, now many people like to use plastic foam, kapok, spring or feather pillow made of tire. Pillow towel should choose design and easy made of pure cotton, cotton pillowcase also to choose products, pillow towel, pillowcase is not easy to slide. Now a lot of couples take pillowcase made outside the bag, using a pillow pillowcase on outside, take off after get up, both convenient and health. Pillow the size of its thickness varies from person to person, can make double pillow, can make it rectangular, square can also make it. To novel styles, thickness should generally on the shoulder with the same width as well. Decorations in order to increase the brightness of the room and bed and other furniture and bedroom adornment, bed decorations should also have its unique charm. Cotton knitted accessories will be on the bed and sofa, table and chair on the braid set each other off becomes an interest, when the choice, the color should be close to the color of the sheet or bedspread, pure white fabric is suitable for all kinds of sheet or bedspread. Don't much attention and ning jing, otherwise you will give a person a kind of mixed and disorderly feeling.
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