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Wedding home textile busy season the choose and buy to see 'good' and 'cheap' - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-26
Nowadays, bedding serves as indoor soft adornment more and more get of new people. A unique, proportion, comfortable bedding reflected master grade, accomplishment, interest not only, also has a relaxed mood, adjust the action of the body. Oriental amorous feelings of complex, Europe and the United States and country style has become a popular theme bedding. Tradition and modern, elegant and simple fusion trends for the wedding bedding sales provide a lot of gimmicks. Professionals to tell a reporter, consumer is when the choose and buy wedding home textiles must first see 'good' and 'cheap'. In order to avoid their encounter 'black heart cotton' when buying home textiles products, consumers can generally through the 4 methods to identify the quilt quality: one is the eye view. In general, black heart seemed to have impurities, color is not pure cotton yarn or even rags; And high-quality cotton white color, not too much dust. Second, the nose to smell. High quality cotton burns without pungent smell; And 'dirty' after bleaching cotton processing, hear have a hint of acidity, burns has obvious pungent smell. Three is a hand to touch. High quality cotton feel soft and elastic, and shoddy cotton feel is rough and inelastic. Four is torn. In general, black heart cotton a tear is broken, and high-quality cotton is not easy to break.
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