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Wedding wedding bedding bedding factory tell you choose to pay attention to these things. . . Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-26
Winter has given way to summer, and the bed is tasted change garments according to the time. Recently, the reporter visited bedding store, bedding store sales boom has already come. Spinning home textiles, head of the bed is tasted the relevant said: 'the wedding bedding sales climbed all the way, some stores to sell more than 10 sets of one day, some preferential wedding products even sold out of stock. 'So, choose wedding bedding should pay attention to what? Warm and comfortable is the most important the reporter sees in more than one bed is tasted counters, wedding bed is tasted as window display leading role. Spinning le home textiles bedding store staff told reporters: 'open cluster gradually, since the summer of a couple's wedding bedding sales of the most busy season, so begin to launch a new wedding series in March, after comprehensive stores sell like hot cakes have been broken. 'Now bedding, many styles, many manufacturers are promoting their products are combined with modern technology and traditional production, can guarantee a high quality sleep. Ready to get married in August 'bride-to-be' miss allia tells a reporter, now there are a lot of bedding, high count cotton, cotton in texture, but she's most concerned or comfort. This summer popular satin fabrics: Satin drill) Bed is tasted, in addition to comfort, because of the excellent technology, unique design to meet a lot of new people in the pursuit of taste. Color choices can be varied Chinese wedding generally prefer red, when choosing bedding is no exception, choose red to figure a lively, can make the big day festival more add a few minutes. But now bedding color varieties too much I don't know what to choose. Trademark department stores, shop assistant said, now the couple in the bedding on the choice of the color is not rosy, pale peach formality and other traditional red wedding with. Colorful small broken flower or elegant pattern such as large flowers can also deliver the bride's delight.
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