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What is polyester fiber fabrics and its advantages and disadvantages of - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Polyester fiber ( 聚酯纤维) Composed of organic dibasic acid and glycol polycondensation of polyester by the spinning of synthetic fibres. Polyester chain research report pointed out: the industrial mass production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, as commonly known as polyester fabrics. The first big varieties is the synthetic fiber. Take a look at what is polyester fiber. The proportion of polyester is 1. 38; Melting point of 255 - — 260 ℃, 205 ℃ when start bonding, security ironing temperature is 135 ℃; Moisture absorption is very low, only 0. 4%; The breaking strength of the filament is 4. 5 - — 5. 5 g/denier, short fiber is 3. 5 - — 5. 5 g/denier; Filament yarn elongation at break of 15 - — 25%, short fiber for 25 - — 40%; High strength fiber strength can be up to 7 - — 8 g/denier and elongation of 7. 5 - — 12. 5%. Polyester fiber has excellent wrinkle resistance, flexibility and dimensional stability, good electrical insulating properties, resistant to sunlight, rubbing, mould cavity, good chemical resistance, ability of weak acid and weak base. At room temperature, have the ability of resistance to dilute acid, strong alkali resistance is poor. Polyester dyeing performance is poorer, which generally under the condition of high temperature or the presence of the carrier with disperse dyes dyeing. Polyester fiber has many excellent home textiles performance and the performance, wide range of USES, can be pure spinning and weaving made, can also be used with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and other chemical fiber blended interwoven, design and color is various, fast a scrape, easy to wash easy to dry, wash and wear and wash and wear performance good wool-like, imitation cotton, imitation silk, imitation linen fabric. Polyester fabric is suitable for men's and women's shirt, jacket, children's clothing, interior decoration, fabric and carpet, etc. Because the polyester fiber has good elasticity and fluffy, also can be used as a xumian. In industry of high strength polyester can be used as a tyre cord, conveyor belt, fire hose, rope, net, etc. , can also be used for electrical insulation, acid filter cloth and paper, etc. Made of polyester non-woven fabric can be used for indoor decoration, carpet backing, medicine, industrial fabrics, velvet, lining, etc. But this kind of material of the fabric has many obvious shortcomings, now it's time to understand the disadvantage of polyester fiber. Fibre can be divided into natural fiber and synthetic fiber, polyester fiber is man-made fibers, because of natural fibre blended with other, widely used in the garment industry. Because of the characteristics of polyester fiber, also let many people can't distinguish and natural fiber, it. One disadvantage of polyester fiber, is poor water imbibition, airtight, in the summer, feel very hot. This is mainly because of polyester fiber and natural fiber, low moisture content, low permeability and compared. That is why in polyester fiber fabrics clothes in summer, we feel after sweating, clothes on our skin, very uncomfortable. The disadvantage of polyester fiber # 2: easy to absorb dust, static electricity is produced. Winter wind is big, can imagine in polyester fiber fabrics clothes stained with dust, easily cause not beautiful, not only the most annoying is static, not only feel tingling, and if it is pants will close to the skin, because of the electrostatic completely out of my pants pants, is not beautiful. The disadvantage of polyester fiber # 3: be unscrupulous businessmen use, come up to advanced fabrics. Polyester fiber with silk feel and appearance are so hard to the naked eye judgment, has long been illegal businessmen use, successively from the well. With many consumers don't understand the polyester fiber is the scientific name, polyester misled by a new name for advanced fabrics in idea, some more considered silk derivatives, let consumers from difficult to define the concept of pure silk and polyester fiber.
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