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What is the difference between silk by and between the silk quilt? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-09
Industry developed, now on the market all kinds of the quilt is everything. Believe many people know that the silk and silk floss is is different, so you know exactly what the difference between them? Silk floss is made of mulberry doupion pure manual peel cocoon, cocoon open cotton, drawing and so on all is called silk floss is handmade quilts. The silk is a very general term. It includes; Mechanism of handmade silk floss, mulberry silk, tussah silk, handmade silk floss, mechanism of silk floss. In the above several kinds of silk in price and quality manual mulberry silk ( Silk) , mechanism of mulberry silk, tussah silk short fiber and cotton. Silk by refers to fill 100% mulberry silk and tussah silk. Here is a price difference. The silk quilt is refers to the use of tussah silk and chemical fiber, cotton blended staple. A lower price. 'Silk was,' refers to 100% mulberry silk, tussah silk. Even with 100% tussah silk, when should we also call it the flocculant 'fake', meaning not mulberry silk. Silk by general points level 3: super, level 1, level 2. Premium is manual, that is, the locals say cotton, or silk floss; Level 1 is the mulberry silk, filament, generally for the machine to form; Level 2 does not require for the filament, silk also asked in more than 80%. About these little common sense, silk by and silk quilt will know where is the difference between, hope to help in your life!
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