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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Gifts and bedding, packing not only beautiful but also practical, when lay it on the bed, cuddle to sleep, when the other party will feel your mind. What bedding for good? Bedding of choose and buy when we first consider the is for someone to use, the user's age is the primary factor, because different people have different to the requirement of bed is tasted. Listed below small make up for your gifts listing not wrong bed is tasted, let you have more noodles son to send led to send gift generally simple our elders more elders, so first say what bed is tasted in old people like it. The research found that the elderly pay more attention to their own quality of sleep, so the choose and buy bedding priority when its comfort. So to buy the elderly home textiles bedding is generally preferred pure cotton material, because pure cotton absorb sweat, close skin soft, high comfort. Bed is tasted shoulds not be too bright colors, the conflict on the vision can interfere with sleep, it is advisable to choose downy simple but elegant color. Style simple and easy is better choice, the geometric models of four, for example, concise and easy, accord with the temperament of the elderly. In old people sleep quality worse than young people generally, less sleep and wake up easily. The pillow height to a certain extent, also affect the sleep quality and suggest 9 centimeters advisable, must be soft, suggest herbal pillow with care. Choose breathable silk or cotton in spring and summer air conditioning is advisable, qiu dong season well advised to choose a duvet, because duvet not only moisture to keep warm, and very gentle, will not cause people oppressive feeling, help to improve sleep quality. Send the couple festive wedding is very important in life and happy thing, so the wedding bedding must not send ordinary bed is tasted, want to choose a good moral, such as embroidered with a picture of the mandarin duck or in extremely good fortune. Not only joint theme and more reflects our good wishes. Material on silk is the best choice, look first appearance is very outstanding, not only elegant, but also has good comfort. But the price is very expensive, if think it is not necessary to buy so expensive, can choose pure cotton jacquard, appearance is also very good. And pure cotton fabric, absorbent, high comfort. Wedding bedding is naturally choose red color, colorful and jubilant. Marriage generally than ordinary home textiles home textiles products fine workmanship, with exquisite embroidery and jacquard pattern. Can choose according to the other side of the character such as Chinese or European style. Married to send the bed is tasted suite is compared commonly, such as 4 times, six sets, 7 sets, 10 sets, etc. , of course also have to send the quilt. Send the quilt well advised to choose a silk by, or is applicable of the four seasons lash. Send young friends or fellow students young people personality publicity personality, youth and vitality. Like to pursue a diversified lifestyle, home textile and bedding is also a way to show their individuality. So young people pay more attention to the bed with the style, fabric and comfortable but the style is too ugly, they won't accept it. Advice to choose yarn dyed pure cotton fabrics, dye permeability is strong, not easy to fade, and print out the patterns of the stereo sense is strong, unique style. Design to meet the user's personality, for example, make public of boy is suitable for the bed is tasted, abstract printing and introverted girl is suitable for the princess of the wind. Can also according to its room decorate a style to choose and buy, such as European style, rural or Mediterranean wind, etc. Seven young people are more likely to accept new things, such as fiber were, soybean fibre is, space and other high-tech production of synthetic fibre is is a good choice, but pay attention to the flower shape and color of the quilt cover, pure and fresh and simple but elegant is advisable. Pillow can also see that a person's sexy, to the young man is not to buy buckwheat pillow, latex pillows is a good choice, its appearance is different from general pillow, and high comfort. Suit the needs of young people. Give children to buy bedding first consider child safety factor is safe, children more vulnerable sensitive skin, must choose normal manufacturer production of high quality bedding. Fabrics as far as possible choose pure natural material, synthetic is not suitable for baby. 4 times such as bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase close-fitting bed is tasted, suggestion choice of cotton fiber, not only the natural close skin, moisture absorption, heat preservation, but also the antibacterial, antistatic, safe and comfortable. Style as far as possible choose the child age and gender, the boy is suitable for use with the natural world, such as the blue, green, yellow plants close to the color photograph of color scheme, to adapt to the close nature of nature; Girls can choose soft color, such as pink, light blue, yellow and so on can be a good manifests the little girl's sweet and innocent. The be fond of, of course, if you know the baby is better, had better choose with their favorite cartoon character design of the bed is tasted. Children quilt must choose warm and soft, wool is a good choice. Also can buy cartoon wool blankets, thin layer cover in spring and summer, autumn nap folded cover, cover more on the quilt to keep warm in winter. Pillows are advised to choose a pillow for children.
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