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What kind of home textile - within 4 times the price is in 70 yuan Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-27
'Four' in People's Daily life usually a bedding covered 4 times, 4 times as bedding, bedding four color is colorful, got the favour of many urban youth. 4 times but bedding wholesale price is a little to imagine. From dozens to hundreds of thousands of blocks of bedding four wholesale prices are. Fabrics, brand, design, work decides the price of 4 times. 70 yuan of less than 1, the home textile 4 principles: practical and green health. Practical point of view, small to buy 4 piece of bed is tasted suite more convenient washing. By core had better choose natural materials, such as prevalent in recent years, wool, silk, duvets are good for our healthy sleep. 2, 4 times home textile material: within 70 yuan on the market sales of home textiles covered 4 times, various materials, silk, silk fabric, polyester cotton, cotton and so on, these different capable person to the feelings of people is also has the very big difference. Cotton is the most commonly used and the most suitable as home textile 4 times. Now the bed is tasted mostly use 40 of combed cotton yarn fabrics. The comparison of plain and twill smooth soft, for the most common choice. 3, 4 times home textile quality and competitive price than within 70 yuan, about one third of one's life time is spent on the bed, so that the quality of bedding directly affect people's physical health and mental state. So be sure to select qualified product quality, at the same time, the home textile 4 times the cost performance is considered.
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