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by:TONDA     2020-04-25
Some people will put the mill MAO as a material, also some people will put the mill understand MAO as pure cotton, it's all right. Grinding is a kind of MAO process, what kind of grinding Mao Cai suitable for autumn/winter? What is MAO MAO grinding is a kind of post-processing technology, is through machines and grinding emery cloth skin friction effect, make the fabric surface with a layer of short fluff. The whole process is like this: first pad cottony agent, drying stenter in special grinding machine for grinding MAO MAO after finishing. According to the grinding machine friction strength requirements, MAO MAO divided into deep grinding, grinding or shallow ground. enterprises generally according to the thickness of fabric, such as product style, feel to require to determine the degree of grinding MAO. Grinding any fabric material, the application scope of wool fabrics such as cotton, polyester cotton, wool, silk, polyester fiber ( Chemical fiber) Such as fabrics, fabrics of any organization, such as plain, twill and satin, jacquard fabric can use this process. market commonly used type of wool fabric grinding hair has a lot of, such as ordinary grinding hair, water, water carbon brush, etc. , MAO MAO MAO has burning on grinding, such as common on the market all polyester several skin velvet, peach skin, Italian cotton velvet, steel mill such as lycra indiana cloth with soft nap, knitting wool grinding. Misunderstanding about grinding MAO 1, grinding is only a wool, cotton, wool fabrics. In fact, the fabrics of any organization can be grinding process. 2, grinding Mao Yiding to grind out long fluffy. This is the concept of error, home textiles enterprises can according to the requirements of the fabric thickness, style, and feel to determine the hair. Suitable for wool tencel grinding of qiu dong MAO: speed is warm sleep fabrics, adoption of tencel, after processing, MAO in tencel surface grinded down, smooth continuation of tencel, at the same time keep warm. Depending on the organization of the fabric can be divided into three kinds of cloth, mainly plain fabrics, twill fabrics, satin weave fabrics. Characteristics: the natural characteristics of tencel helps prevent skin allergy, significantly improve the skin condition. And super fine hair and the soft warm touch to skin, relieves the grinding pressure of sleep. Advantages: 1, good air permeability, warm and won't feel hot and dry feeling; 2, the perfect comfort: close-fitting soft; 3, unique drapability: feel is smooth; 4, perseverance, softness, have very strong fastness, durable; 5, significant dyeing: printing and dyeing pattern stereo nature, tinting strength is strong, color old degree is high. Cotton mill MAO meaning: cotton mill hair 4 times is all cotton fabric by machines and grinding emery skin friction role, formed by a qualitative change in appearance only. That is to say, in retaining the fabric while the original properties of the fabric surface to form a layer has a short nap feeling, at the same time of fabrics to give new style, both reduces the ground thermal conductivity of wool fabrics, and increased its warmth and softness, grinding wool fabric colour and lustre is striking, feel soft, pleasing in appearance. Features: because the unique technology of grinding hair products won't appear fade, the phenomenon such as pilling, than the average cotton fabric quality, but also than the average cotton thick material.
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