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by:TONDA     2020-04-25
T doing overall planning schemes are exhibited, and the theme of the product design is must abide by the principles. In addition, the need to pay special attention to the following several aspects: one, to understand the company's annual marketing plan to understand the company's annual marketing plan, main should understand the content of the following aspects: increase the number of stores. Expand same-store area; Boost same-store growth plan; Discount promotions, gifts, VIP customer management plan; Regional tendency to plan; The price adjustment plan; Advertising and media planning; Last year this season data, etc. Second, understand the designer the overall design plan for a new season product brand, product designers in the new season of product design, display division to do not wait, and should understand the designer's ideas and progress at any time, at the same time, start the new season display terminal planning case. Three and understand the fabrics of the new season orders and production schedule for the brand each season order is usually wide range of fabrics, sometimes more than one hundred species, quantity and the composition of fabric, how many order quantity, delivery date, in view of the fabric design direction is displayed must master the information. Mind alone is unlikely to remember all these information, also can't fully to distinguish with color, pattern, the serial number of display division should be in accordance with the unified company to communicate with other departments, improve work efficiency, and to avoid unnecessary trouble. With that information, the product series of time to market, sell which fabrics, stores about the layout and the idea was born. Fourth, understand new product plans, integrating color to display in the process of planning, there is a very important program, namely in the face of hundreds of fabric color integration. When designers in product design is not have the colour collocation scheme? Yes, stylist is in design will have a set of colour collocation solution, but only a set. As a display division, there is only one match plan is far from enough, because collocation scheme of designer will not be able to cope with the actual situation of all shops, not necessarily recognized by the market, the first reaction is by changing the display to promote sales, this is the display teacher preparation time for the second scheme, the third scheme. Number five, understanding the quarter inventory clothing and worked off schedule product inventory is divided into two kinds, one kind is sales good selling stock, is a sales bad slow-moving inventory. Best-selling inventory natural don't have to worry about, the key lies in the unsold inventory. How these design doesn't sell items with the new season, drive the sale of unsalable inventory, this is the display designers must consider. Display division has the responsibility to through their own secondary display collocation and combination design minimizing inventory for the company. Six, collect information here brand information including store layout layout plan, elevation, photos, property classification statistical details ( Models, exhibition stand, goods, suppliers, and is responsible for the department, etc. ) 。 Increasing with the development of the brand, the shops, all will change the layout of the store, display equipment such as prop, models are also in constant adjustment, display information will update accordingly, because these items are displayed division in stores terminal designers dream interpretation of the important tools. Understand fashion information, now the color of the home textiles may not go through the hand of stylist, not necessarily initiated by some countries with home textiles traditional culture; But assembled one or two shrewd Marketing Department, you can put a brand hype become popular brand, manufactured pop style. So, display of home textiles products, as an experienced display division is not immediately begin, don't just by some display modelling stunt to attract customers attention, but first of all, the recent sales data store, inventory data, order data from in-depth analysis, understand the new arrival sales speed and its corresponding inventory, and through the rule of seasonal change of the region to judge the life cycle of products, and the main products to determine series and promotion. After appearing on the market at the same time to communicate with the manager to understand new product, customer feedback, for each product analysis clear best-selling and the reasons for the poor. Again found unsalable products within the life cycle of 'selling point', product prominent display 'expression'. Of course, but also to research of nearby competitors, understand the status of new competitors, its main product features and display program. Finally to the stores of the passenger flow is the main, traffic, customers into the shop, use a line to analyze the real elements such as judgment. When the preparations were finished, on display in this excellent and experienced teacher in my mind there is a mature display planning scheme, the clothing shop main? What is the topic? Highlight the selling points? What series is the key? Promotion is what series? How to echo the theme window? Has the clear veins, repass teacher professional, gimmick expression collocation are exhibited to home textile brands to join the store display end of the preliminary work. Only pay attention to beautiful technique way of display, is not really to home textile brands to join the store's sales and profits increase.
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