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by:TONDA     2020-04-17
Need to be careful when dry cleaning home textiles, in order to effectively maintain and maintenance of home textiles, please see the following for home textiles washing guidelines: silk than cheap natural fibers such as cotton and linen, using and washing, please note to nail down flat, avoid sharp objects cut wire. 1. Had better use silky lotion to handle, each big cleaning brand have such products. Neutral detergent ( Such as silk net, shower gel) Wash, do not soak 2. The dark silk has the property of rub off, and please pay attention to soak washing alone. 3. Washing use hand wash cold water, gentle hand wash, do not machine wash, recommend dry cleaning 4. Air is basked in, please avoid direct sunlight, strong sunshine to make silk fade FaJiu. Dry in the shade, not exposure and banned drying 5. Hang to dry shake even time, when can revoke ironing process. Wool blanket use of specialty and the matters needing attention of washing can send for regular dry-cleaned or use neutral detergent in hand wash in the home, family laundry into 30 degrees Celsius in the warm water first of all the water in the container, and adding suitable amount of neutral detergent, put a blanket in a water container, for 20 minutes, and then carefully and gently rub repeatedly, to make a blanket release dirt, sewage, repeated rinse clean with water, squeeze out water, then dry in daily use, should put blankets in the sun bath, and wipe gently, make adhesion on blanket sweat, dust and dander were removed, and the hairs carefully combed, can keep the carpet clean fluffy and soft, the collection should be the blankets folded flat into a case or bag, prevent extrusion, can keep the quality of a material is elastic, blanket better care. Using and maintenance of duvet down generally does not need to be cleaned, if stained with besmirch, should use dry-clean fine washing or send to the dry cleaners processing, not friction with hard, sharp objects, avoid torn or hook fabric, feather spillover, outer garment, such as when used to coat to protect the duvet, duvet best interval of one to two weeks need to make time, not in the sun, the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius in air is basked in. MAO is the use and maintenance of wool is generally do not need to wash, if need to please please use dry cleaning essence in wash washing or send to the dry cleaners processing, from the packaging before use, should be in the sunny air basks in 2 - 3 hours, and pat the quilt to restore the elasticity, outer garment, such as when using need to plus a duvet cover to protect the quilt, interval of one to two weeks need to avoid make a Yang, a bolt of 3 PM until 10 o 'clock in the morning a cool and dry effect is very good, and the air is basked in 2 hours, back flap surface dust, shake them up and down quilts, remove impurities, treated wool was cool again after folding, 1 - 2 grain of pest control in the wool was, in a cool, dry place, keep the above do not weigh. Chemical fiber by use of and notice if stained with besmirch, should use dry-clean fine washing or sent to the dry cleaner, because fiber materials adsorption performance generally, washing can reduce the volume, affect the thermal performance, therefore does not recommend washed, not friction with hard, sharp objects, so as not to damage the fabric, filling material caused by spillover, outer garment, such as when using need to plus a duvet cover chemical fiber by interval of two to four weeks to make a quilt of a good condition. Blankets series use and precautions used for a long time or many times after washing, down slightly change, but not affect soft and bright colour and lustre, machine wash fold blanket roll into the net bag in the washing machine, using general household detergent, cleaning under normal temperature condition, not drift washed, dry cleaning after the completion of nature, do not use turn cage drying, not ironed, washed by hand to blanket flat stacked into bath crock, using general household detergent, soak 20 - at room temperature 30 minutes, with the hand gently squeezing or foot, extrusion let the water after dry clean, dry naturally, do not iron. Pillow core series use and the matters needing attention spots such as, should use dry-clean fine washing or sent to the dry cleaners, washing may reduce volume ( For general pillow core) Outer garment, such as, when using, need to plus pillowcase chemical fiber interval around two weeks to make a, such as sponge pillow, latex pillows, cannot be in the hot sun drying, can change color, natural ventilation, such as health care pillow, raw material filler ( Such as lavender - — Can take out the raw material ventilation, drying, cannot be stored in damp places. Compression pillow core classes, not for a long time in the compression state, three to four weeks to open the best state, such as long time not to open, will reduce the volume, the general company is snap during production and shipment, its resilience will stay longer. Chemical fiber fabrics, room temperature washing, cannot use hot water immersion, machine wash, wash, velvet fabrics can't pressing the surface of the pile. Dry it in ventilation and avoid light place after cleaning, cannot insolate, should be ironed at low temperature. Desirable under decorations must be removed to wash first.
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