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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Before air conditioning in the summer, people are used to sleeping mat, cover sheet, heat some wish nothing guy. But now used to life in air conditioning room, even for the hot weather or cold be need a bed, thin, soft, in a cool atmosphere sweet sweet dream. Reporters while shopping season weekend and visited several large supermarket, examines the river several big stores, for silk by a touch on the status of a 'MenQing'. 1, the common air conditioning is filler is made of pure cotton fiber, characterized by thin washable durability, need not use bedding bag, need cleaning can be directly into the washing machine, even home sleeping love kicking, children also need not worry. Low price, suitable for not demanding and families with children. 2, silk quilt is emerging in the summer with silk, because it is the characteristics of the soft love, now in the market of silk by more divided into blended silk and pure silk two kinds, the purity of filler is different, the price also has a pretty big difference. The quilt is characterized by high comfort. 3, characteristics of bedding some businessman is good at thinking, according to some consumers have the habit of summer blankets, quilts made into fabric and carpet quality, this design to please customers more consumption level. The reporter understands in home textiles spinning a road, filler forty percent silk, sixty percent cotton fiber of this kind of cool was priced at 299 yuan, sell quite hot. Now spinning joy home textile is launching to buy bedding can be given a certain amount of coupons, spinning le home textile summer promotion sale, buy individual product can also be given preferential tablecloth, etc. Tip: relative to the price is higher a supermarket, a lot of people will choose the community shop, reporters do not recommend this approach. Now black heart cotton inferior bedding, many illegal businessmen would use such a material. I don't get too low price, because wool in the sheep. In order to survive a healthy a cool summer, or go to the supermarket quickly choose summer cool is reliable.
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