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Wholesale quilt to teach you the choose and buy silk by 'four tips' - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Compared with the quilt and chemical fiber, silk by 100% pure natural silk, refined from the original science and technology, has many characteristics, such as personal, health care. Silk was not the kui is the top of the bedding, it has five big health care function, is a rare bedding. The following is the 'four tips' silk by the choose and buy. Silk by the choose and buy has 'four tips' 1. Appearance quality silk appearance with a pearly colour and lustre, the performance of the light with a diffuse reflection. Clean little impurity, the silk road in order and neat; Silk is often poor quality due to add the chemicals such as bleach, appearance of a pale colour, not glossy and moist feeling, impurity is more, the silk road. 2. Tactile quality silk feel soft creamy rich elasticity, no rigid mass; While the inferior silk feels rough no flexible, no moist sense, cocoon, cocoon, cocoon piece stem, pupa exuviate more. With oily or mildew smell of silk for inferiority of quality. 3. Real silk is burned into ashes, immediately combustion speed quickly. After burning SongSanZhuang gray, with a smell of burning hair. 4. Of silk fiber strength strong stretching force, the better, better quality. The same long silkworm line, after stretching, the longer the better quality.
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