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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Questions about the baby can sleeping mat, mothers there was disagreement, in favor of the party, also has the opposition, and both parties can come up with some reasons of their respective. A magic weapon of: baby mat is a shade of purposes in the very hot days, the poor baby resilience of cold and hot, especially afraid of hot, sweat more easily than adults, it is easy to heat rash, don't sleep well. Therefore, to build a good summer baby sleep environment, let the baby to be comfortable in their summer, is very necessary. Sleeping mat is undoubtedly a good heat measures. This not only can bring cool comfort to the baby, baby can also avoid the heat, long prickly heat, heat stroke. Mat a bargain, so why not? Opposition: mat is unsafe, will hurt the baby mat will 'harm' baby oh, such as being mat abrade, cold, abdominal pain or diarrhea. Some mat itself are allergens, easy breeding mites, make the baby skin allergies, serious when breathing. Experts say: the baby sleeping mat need to choose the style, in fact, any choice is a weakness, as long as the right to choose mat, midsummer is can give the baby sleeping mat. , however, must be prepared to work and the protective measures, avoid disadvantages, so as to let the baby in the sweltering heat and peaceful, secure, healthy growth!
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