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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Silk is natural animal protein fiber, high moisture absorption, air permeability, known as 'fiber queen'. Silk by just cover body will have the feeling of cold, can let the skin sweat freely, secretion, keep skin clean, the person feel comfortable. Is, as a Chinese native protein silk by has the characteristics of light, soft, soft, elastic, is the world recognized as the most soft and healthy natural fiber, the accord with human body sleeping conditions. To adapt to the crowd: for people like to stay in an air-conditioned room in the middle of the love to kick a quilt, silk quilt is the best choice with a personal touch. Silk by absorbent texture and soft, very suitable for as a young children's bedding, can help the baby a cool summer not long prickly heat. At the same time, it is also good for bad or respiratory metabolism of poor old man. It is important to note that a small number of people who are allergic to silk, try not to use silk by, easy to induce the occurrence of allergic diseases such as dermatitis. Towelling coverlet - — Light absorb sweat, towelling coverlet for very afraid of hot people is the ideal bedding in summer and autumn, it is made of 100% pure cotton after spinning and weaving. New towelling coverlet side cloth, one side is a towel, a certain sense of thick, popular with more and more people. To adapt to the crowd: a lightweight, breathable, absorb sweat and close-fitting, feel soft, very suitable for extremely afraid of hot people and children. Fibre is - — Economic and durable, children try not to choose porous hollow fiber cross section similar to the honeycomb briquet, bore hole number is divided into 5, 7, 9 holes, etc. Big hole more space and air flow can be stopped, so the heat preservation effect is better. This kind of fiber strength, higher elasticity and fluffy sex good, feel is smooth, and the weight is lighter, like duvets, but the price is moderate. Thin fiber can directly use the washing machine washing, and are not afraid of pressure, easy to keep. Appropriate crowd: this kind of fibre is disadvantage is that the poor hygroscopicity, applicable to chemical fiber allergies, is suitable for young people as a single being or double. In addition, children should not use this product, choose cotton products better. Wool is - — Wet gas absorption, more care for the elderly wool protein is the main ingredient, its hygroscopicity, elasticity, the permeability and heat preservation is better than that of cotton fiber, the microclimate inside the quilt can maintain skin around for temperature and humidity of the body, not vacuuming, does not produce static electricity. To adapt to the crowd: the elderly, and afraid of cold, weak, covered with sweat, but through moth-proofing, in addition to flavor, finalize the design processing of choose and buy is good. If you want to wash, it is best dry-clean.
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