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by:TONDA     2020-05-22
As is known to all, duvet than ordinary cotton prices more expensive, with the improvement of living standards, consumers duvet gradually becomes the new favorite in the winter supplies, then duvet with what so expensive? Duvet by core is divided into white goose down, grey white goose down, duck down, ducks, geese and ducks mixed pile and crushed velvet, etc. Is the core of high and low quality, and mainly depends on its standard downcontent RongLiang. Strong duvet warmth retention property, high elasticity, high volume, but also has the characteristics of light, soft, soft. Duvet padding in the first place, we start talking to everyone, duvets, inside the main filler is of course the feather, feather is long, the goose and duck's stomach into a call feather flake. Duvet not planted made of cotton, but made of goose, duck abdominal hairs. The feather is a kind of animal protein fibers, is higher than cotton insulation sex, feather can be change with the temperature expansion and contraction, temperature adjustment function, can absorb the human body is sending out flow of heat, isolated from the outside cold air invasion. The five advantages of duvet: duvet advantages 1 - Soft and comfortable duvet is made of goose, duck abdominal hairs, one can imagine the effect, it is very soft and comfortable. And villi of the two animals are very light, made of a duvet cover in the body won't have pressure, will make our sleep quality more good, to stability of human body central nervous, quickly into the sweet dreams, therefore also has certain effect on beauty, 'beauty lies in under the duvet just because of this reason. Duvet advantages 2 - Warmth retention property of high duvets with general cotton is different, the inside of the duvet animal wool is itself a triangle skeleton structure, so the air storage capacity is bigger, good insulating property, to maintain the body temperature of the quilt, not susceptible to the influence of the indoor temperature, suit to use all the year round. Duvet advantages 3 - Breathable dry as everybody knows, geese and ducks swimming in the water is not wet feathers, so duvet is also absorbed the characteristics of the platoon is wet duvet sex is very strong, and fluff like cotton is not easy to harden and fluff in is always a light fluffy duvet, let the human body has been in a comfortable state. Duvet advantages 4 - Durable duvet has so many advantages, it is conceivable duvet will be price is more expensive than regular cotton. Although more expensive, but the service life of the duvet can be longer than the average cotton, as long as we are proper care of duvets at ordinary times, usually a duvet can use 30 years or more, so it is quite cheap. Duvet advantages of 5 - Human body to prevent diseases in sleep state, about 170 cc discharge water every night, ordinary sheets in use will soon accumulate too much moisture, easy breeding ground for germs, aspects of the human body is caused unwell, because has thousands of down fiber can breath triangle of porosity and surface with waterproof oils, but varies with the temperature and humidity change automatic contraction or expansion, can quickly absorb sweat of the human body, as well as the moisture and spread quickly, keep the quilt clean and the human body is dry, use for a long time also can prevent the formation of rheumatism.
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