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Wikipedia: washing home textile bedding washing error of the cleaning and maintenance - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-10
Mistake 1, new bed is tasted suite don't wash. The expert answers: is like buying new clothes need water wash before wearing, much like bedding expert proposal, bed is tasted suite before first use, should first rinse water, one is in bed is tasted can be produced in the process of dust, pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color wash, 2 it is to use will be more soft after cleaning, when cleaning in the future is not easy to fade. Erroneous zone 2, all bed is tasted suite can be washed. The expert answers: a lot of special material bed is tasted can't washed, can only dry cleaning, or dry processing. Feathers, wool, cotton, bed is tasted can't washed, such as quilt, wool was not washed, only need to do dry processing. Myth 3 washing the bed is tasted, winter can put the washing machine to dry. The expert answers: silk, bamboo fiber bedding can not dry, this kind of bed is tasted can properly local washed, but not dry, not weight, so as not to afraid of bad its fibre structure and toughness. Bed linen products can't scrub when catharsis, twist. Myth, embroidered bed is tasted suite directly inside the washing machine wash is ok. The expert answers: embroidery class suite bedding when catharsis must remove the bed is tasted deserve to act the role of, at the same time, in order to prevent the embroidered silk line, reel off raw silk from cocoons, the hook is bad, even washing embroidered products had better look before wash embroidered bedding bag inside out, in one side of your embroidery, add dissolve detergent in the washing machine, be sure to take soft washing way. Myth 5, pillow core wash bed is tasted bad, everybody is ok. The expert answers: if buy pillow core is closed, so the pillow surface thread can be removed to take out the pillow core filler dry dry processing, the pillow surface parts can be individually to dry cleaning, and then manually suture. Much love bed is tasted expert advice, best buy without closing the pillow core, such as a zippered pillow core.
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