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by:TONDA     2020-04-03
Silk is a kind of high-grade home textiles products, healthy environmental protection and certain health care function, due to its main raw material for silk is a kind of protein, so this type of quilt close skin is very good, loved by people, but silk by generally applicable to the use of the spring and autumn season, and winter is a cold season, people need to be more thick quilt for heating, thus silk by need to collect up during the winter, how to store silk by the winter? Small make up in this one or two for you today! Winter store silk by note: 1, use notice: in the process of use at ordinary times had better cover the quilt cover on the silk by using outside, so that dust and stain is not easy to contact, and every time you just wash bedding bag, can not be washed silk by itself, if infected with besmirch, usable scour local cleaning, washing, use cold water, and low temperature drying, in case the fabric shrinkage, in addition to regular will be get silk outdoor ventilated, dry, remember to avoid sunlight for a long period of time, because light silk fracture, fade, drying should not be more than 1 hour at a time, so that you can make of silk was deposited moisture evaporates, after the sun gently with the hand, make the silk soft and elastic recovery. 2, storage precautions: store silk by, the best darker fabric cover, in order to avoid dust fall and yellowing, will encounter wet dust pollution silk by, not easy to clean, avoid damp and hot environment, best placed on ventilation, shade, not into the plastic bag, in case of moisture release, lead to silk by be affected with damp be affected with damp, heavier, peculiar smell, not warm, lose elasticity, avoid high temperature and strong light, or it will cause silk brittle break easily, silk was faded, avoid weight, fold on silk by the above do not place heavy objects, do not use chemicals such as camphor ball, so as to avoid pollution of silk.
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