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by:TONDA     2020-04-25
Believe that everyone had such experiences, when we went into the shop, buy immediately have come to be by your side, chatter began to introduce and recommend. There is even a pair of you don't buy TA home products will stop manner. Such excessive service is very easy to cause the customer. What kind of service is moderate, is the high-quality service customers like? Today, small make up of the happy home textiles is summed up the ten principles of the gold medal home textiles stores service, the hope can help you. Buy neat grooming professional service from the instrument. Neat dress, instrument, able to deliver the attaches great importance to the customer, we can provide professional service information. Good spirit of a person's mental outlook, will directly affect the others. If the seller and droopy, looked trance, can make the guest feel uncomfortable, also can make customers feel you don't respect TA, will feel your service level is not professional. And enthusiastic full mental state will convey my positive work attitude, will have positive impact on customers. To the attention of customers directly sometimes you may have something in hand, or are in the reception of customers. For just such customers into the store, you can't do it at once receiving TA, but you also cannot be ignored. Because it is not respected. In this case, you can use by to say hello, eye contact, or other ways to let customers know that you won't be able to receive TA temporarily. So we can eliminate the customer because of waiting for. To customers and smile and sincere greetings to the customer sincere greetings and smile, it is depend on your face and eyes. Greeting guests, there are actions but kept silent, will make customers feel uncomfortable or think you don't pay attention to him. If have no facial expression, would be more likely to make customers feel unwelcome. On the contrary, if you can give the customer a sincere smile and greeting, can let the customer feel warm and thoughtful. Good at listening and customers in the process of talking, listen carefully. At the time of the customer not finished, try not to interrupt, because it is not polite to interrupt. By carefully listen to the guest's words, can make you accurately understand the meaning of the guests, more can understand the guest's mood, so as to provide more quality services. Maintain eye contact in the process of talking with customers, maintain eye contact guest, this not only helps to communicate, more can make customers feel you genuinely want to help TA, so even if the last cannot meet the requirements of the guests, TA also too won't care. Protect customers' privacy when we trade, how much will leave guests some information. Without the permission of the customer, we must not reveal the guest information. Because it can bring to customers all kinds of trouble, and even may be directly or indirectly lead to the customer's losses. Call customer name through various ways to know the customer's name, don't call Sir Or madam, it will appear to be alienated. Call X can be combined with the customer's last name, Sir/madam, close the distance between each other, also can make customers feel their concern. Try to meet the requirements of the guests when customers cannot satisfy the request, don't rebuffed the guest, should be as much as possible to help the guests. Even if can't satisfy customers, also can let customers feel you are trying to help the TA. After provide extra services meet the needs of customers, always ask TA if also need other help. This can make customers feel your service is very considerate, more can make customers feel you'll be glad to serve for the TA.
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