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by:TONDA     2020-04-17
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people consumption level and economic conditions, for home textile products, people now only meet in the warmth and beauty of the products, pay more attention to the product itself has some additional features, such as rehabilitation care, sterilization deodorant, and other functions. In order to make the home textiles products have this effect, we must through the high-tech production process or the use of special materials. In order to meet the demand of the market, each all spinning enterprises have introduced the use of various fiber textile products, in addition to the traditional wool, cotton, silk fibre, emerged in recent years, with the milk fiber, superfine fiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber as the representative of a group of new type fiber materials are widely used in the field of home textile, make our home textiles product type more diverse, more feature-rich. To further satisfy the consumer demand for functional home textile products. But for the new fiber material, believes that many consumers are feeling is very strange, these new type of fiber exactly what are the unique characteristics and effect of their own? Then we are to have a specific analysis. Superfine fiber: generally the denier 0. 3 denier ( Diameter of 5 microns) The following fiber called super fine fiber. Advantage: make the fabric feel is very soft, fine fiber can increase the layered structure of silk, increasing specific surface area and capillary effect, make the fibers more exquisite and distribution of reflected light on the surface, make the elegant luster like silk, and have good moisture absorption moisture resistance. Strong cleaning power: superfine fiber can absorb the dust seven times its own weight, grain, liquid. Disadvantages: due to the strong adsorption, so ultra-fine fiber products can't wash and other objects, otherwise it will touch on a lot of hair and expansion. Can't use the iron microfiber towel, can't contact more than 60 degrees of hot water. Recommendation: because the microfiber is very soft and has a strong adsorption capacity, can be made into beauty towel, suggest that we can choose to set the island superfine fiber beauty towel, can rise to remove acne, chamfer, and the effect of dilute spots. Milk fiber, milk fiber is a cow's milk as basic raw materials through the high-tech production technology of refined, it is a different from the natural fiber, a new type of animal protein fibers regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber, also known as milk, milk protein fiber. Advantages: compared with the traditional cashmere: softness equal or better than the cashmere; Breathe freely, good wet, a refreshing; Warmth retention property is close to cashmere, warmth retention property good; Milk cloth with soft nap of wear resistance, resistance to pilling, coloring, strong were superior to cashmere; Unique close skin: due to the milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this kind of fabric, rather like a layer of skin, which has curing effect to skin. Weakness: the raw material price is on the high side; Milk is filament and staple fiber, the output of the filament, and expensive, to 600000 yuan per ton, due to the high cost, so the milk fiber products recommended: the price is higher because of milk fiber close skin characteristics, consumers can use to need maintenance skin milk fiber fabrics of home textiles products. Bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber is extracted from bamboo by high-tech means a kind of green ecological environmental protection fiber, refers to the main composition of bamboo timber ( Lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose) Type is cellulose, mainly used in high-grade fabrics. Advantage: the bacteriostatic function: bamboo fiber products have antibacterial can inhibit the harmful bacteria such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus; Health care function: no mildewy, stale, sticky; Put wet function: hygroscopic water imbibition and permeability is to automatically adjust the humidity balance, always maintain a soft, fresh and bright; Deodorant adsorption function, can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances, and eliminate bad smell; Regenerative heat preservation function: bamboo fiber far infrared emissivity up to 0. 87, regenerative thermal greatly superior to the traditional home textile fabrics. Disadvantages: due to its inherent fiber characteristics of bamboo fiber its strength is not very high, so the fastness is not very good. Recommendation: due to the antibacterial deodorant is one of the largest characteristics of bamboo fiber, suggest that love the environmental health of the consumer can try bamboo fiber textile products, such as bamboo fiber towels, bamboo fiber bedding. Wood fiber, wood fiber is a high quality natural wood as raw material, through special technology processing, the trees are extracted from the cellulose, then through system, spinning process and plastic manufacturing of regenerated cellulose fiber. Advantages: wood fiber and bamboo fiber products have antibacterial and deodorant antibacterial effect, but relative to the bamboo fiber, wood fiber has better antibacterial properties, because adult cork itself characteristics is not conducive to bacterial growth, coupled with irregular natural gap with super hydrophilic, able to quickly to water absorption into the fibers on the surface of the fabric, effective against bacteria for moisture, and because of its strong permeability will moisture to evaporate quickly, make the fabric surface drying, lead to bacteria in the fabric surface is not needed for the survival and reproduction moisture, also lost the condition of survival and reproduction. Disadvantages: because fiber properties of wood fiber is hard, when using wood fiber products will easily inside the wood fiber twisting, this will greatly reduce its life. Recommendation: due to the permeability of wood fiber and sweat effect is better than other fibers, now a lot of NBA players in the use of wood fiber products, suggest that often go to the sports consumer can choose and use wooden fiber clothes, socks and towels and other products.
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