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by:TONDA     2020-05-02
Silk is filled with all sorts of price on the market, what is your good, or cheap cost-effective? We often when trying to choose, like compared with taobao, and then found a cut price differential. Spinning small make up also found a phenomenon of the home textiles every one time, can appear community hand-made silk quilt, hit the price is quite attractive, such as: pure handmade, domesticated silkworms and so on. Why is this so? Don't taobao merchants, street food supply channels? You can purchase the silk to cheaper? Obviously not, but more secrets they hide, spinning le home textiles corporate small make up today will tell you something about silk by. Different grades of silk: short silk: silk is very short, usually only 2 - 3 ㎝ long, the price is the cheapest, its natural shape like cotton, short flocculant without bond force, generally for silk scraps. Tussah silk: silk usually shorter than 0. 5 meters, poor durability than long silk floss silk, colour and lustre is pale yellow, bleaching processing, undesirable businessman to sell it for mulberry silk. Long silk: silk generally have more than 1 m, 2 meters, even the price is very expensive, colour and lustre is pure white, delicate and smooth. Skim long silk floss: on the basis of ordinary long silk floss after degreasing process, silk by prolonged use, not knot board. ( Tussah silk) Silk quality to distinguish: appearance: high quality silk with pearl and color appearance, clean and few impurities, the silk road in order and neat; But with poor quality silk often add the chemicals such as bleach, appearance of a pale colour, not glossy and moist feeling, impurity is more, the silk road. Touch: high quality silk feel soft creamy rich elasticity, no rigid mass; While the inferior silk feels rough no flexible, no moist sense, cocoon, cocoon, cocoon piece stem, pupa exuviate more. Taste: not taste authentic mulberry silk, silk with oily or mildew smell for inferiority of quality. Burn: silk without delay when the flame combustion, and stop the burning flame separation. Colored is shown after burning, burning smell with a moth. Strength: silk, the better strong stretching force, the quality is better. Also a long silk, after stretching, the longer the better quality. Silk silk by small knowledge due to the more expensive, so many undesirable businessman will be selected under the silk by weight above 'kung fu', on silk by washing trademarks will be marked 'padding weight', you must pay attention to the silk by filling weight is not refers to the total weight of silk by, but to remove the weight of the 'shell' oh.
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