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Wool carpet cleaning and maintenance method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-22
Modern people like to use a small piece of wool carpet for local families laid, ornament living space, let a bedroom space become more warm and beautiful. Carpet of abb of l, but should pay attention to maintenance, to maintain its beautiful appearance, prolong service life. Wool carpet cleaning and maintenance has a standard approach, like the friend of wool carpet, to pay attention. Establish dirt barrier system: all enter the entrance of the building or carpet area, prevent dirt door mat should be provided, door mat should be able to remove stains and maintain, absorb moisture, recommend that at least 3 meters long door mat, all door mat should be cleaned daily, ensure suck dry dirt, prevent time to regroup and cause door mat. Should be regularly to door mat wet cleaning, recycling, use clean instead of dirt. In the dust weather, especially in the north, attention should be paid to close the window, to minimize dust pollution such as carpet came from outside. Dirt: carpet daily maintenance cost is very low, and daily maintenance mainly includes the carpet, remove dry dust and remove dirt spots. With rotary pile vibrator vacuum dust collection equipment cleaning, the vibrator article usually includes one or more of the brush, and driven by a separate motor for dust collection, and vacuum cleaners should be equipped with filter and high capacity of the soil mixed collection bags or warehouse. Each carpet area at least three times effective aspiration. Remove dirt spots: quickly remove and prevent spillage stains infiltrate the pile fiber and form a freezing point is very important, recommend daily smear examination, all carpet maintenance personnel should be familiar with stain removal ability, and remove at any time. Clean surface: wool carpet surface and too frequent cleaning, a feasible method is to use dry extract ( Use the sui powder or dry compound) QingChuFa. The method USES mixed with solvent, emulsifier, such as water and detergent powder, powder by hand or special distributor, is sprayed into the carpet surface at random, and the special equipment to brush into the carpet pile, according to the compound powder or moisture content, 30 minutes or a few hours later, suck out powder with dirt, which have the effect of cleaning the carpet. Wet cleaning carpet: when the carpet with grease, oil and other viscous material, obviously and dirt accumulation influence carpet and carpet pile color, should use a quasi a carpet cleaning agent for carpet wet cleaning.
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