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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
industry increasingly return to nature, the selected raw materials people liking for green products and demand more and more big, not only such as cotton, hemp, silk, wool, feather traditional fiber, also appeared a bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber and other new materials of home textiles products. Let's take a look at the little knowledge in the process of wool is in use. Wool is a natural animal fiber, no internal hollow tubes, length of 60 mm - 120 mm, the longest can amount to more than 200 mm. Wool quality depends on the shearing time and origin. During the spring and autumn are generally shearing. With the spring shearing wool quality best. Their hair long, fine quality, high oil, good quality, strong hygroscopicity. Compare from the origin, quality is the best Australian wool. The climate there is the most appropriate environment for the growth of sheep and abundant food. At the same time, a clean environment for shearing wool after finishing and brought convenient cleaning, wool can be in such a process of wool is qualitative damage to a minimum. Wool is main features: 1, good hygroscopicity. Wool is hygroscopicity strong fiber materials. Under normal atmospheric pressure, the moisture regain of the fine wool can reach 15 - 17%. Fine wool the maximum moisture absorption force can reach more than 40% of its weight. Scattered and automatically put moisture into the air. Ensure that sleep moisture balance. 2, heat preservation rate is high. Density of wool is light, and silk. Is lighter than cotton and linen. The coefficient of thermal conductivity is the same as the silk fiber. Is smaller than other fibers, so the heat preservation performance is good. 3, crimp degree is high. Generally superfine wool fiber, crimp degree is high, good elasticity, wool can restore the original thickness of more than 90% after being compressed. Wool is maintenance: wool is usually can't be washed, can only dry cleaning, this also caused can not thoroughly remove adhesion on by bacteria and other harmful substances. When used for the first time, from the packaging, should be in the air 2 - Yang 3 hours, gently shake, fluffy recovery. Must be set on a quilt. Every 1 - In the sunny air basks in a 2 weeks. Wool is cannot insolate, only in ventilated place dry. Stored for a long period of time, in the sunny air 4 - 5 hours, wait for the quilt kept cool before folding. 2 - can be (within three grain of pesticides in the be Pesticides not direct contact with the product) And set in sealed plastic bags, in a cool, dry place, not under pressure.
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